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Bais Menachem Gala Chinese Auction | Bais Menachem Gala Chinese Auction

2016 Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s BMNMB Chinese Auction ! Boruch Hashem it was a HUGE Success!

And the Winners Are:
Grand prize – Chana Gheblikian
Split the pot – M. Slater
Jackpot – Chaviva Fischer
Kosherica cruise – Ayelet Bortunk
Dream vacation – Elliott Polatoff
Whirlpool washer and dryer – Mendel L.
Imac- Chaya Chitrik
Home furnishings- Esther Gross
Spendid silver – Yosef Hellinger
Mega shopping spree- Rochel Olensky
Dazzling diamonds – Zevi T.
Ultimate baby package – H. Meisels
Rachel wig – Rochel Olensky
Apple Macbook air – Alexander Davis
Exquisite diamond bracelet – Colaiv Freedman
Crystal Chandelier- Shmuel Hazan
Apple Ipad- Yakov and Sarah Roth
Outdoor wooden play set- Devorah Shor
Fine wine treasures – Abraham Spitz
South florida kosher meats- Levi Habosha
Silver Spoon – Mendel L.
Venettini shoes- Jackpot
Apple gift card – Malky Hankin
Diamond Necklace – Wanda Sacho
Artscroll Seforim Library – Aron Wilschnski
Overnight camp – Binah Teitelbaum
High defenition monitor – Emanuel Goldszmidt
Elle wig – Berel Vogel
Gas Grill – Malky
Custom closet – Joshua Solomon
Visa gift card – Malky Hankin
Canon SLR camera- Mendel Weiss
$500 amazon or costco – Esther H.
$500 gift card target/bed bath and beyond – Colaiv Freedman
Rebbe Giclee art work – Aron Wilschnski
Designer sunglasses – Shayna Bortunk
Nespresso – Chaya Morris
Fine Kapote – Zalman Schapiro
Kitchen aid or bosch – Gloria Potash
Aspaclaria Judaica – Rochel Boyd
Choice of xbox , wii, or playstation – Avraham Spivak
Domestic flight for two – Esther and Yossi Levy
Legoland Florida – AZR
Ultimate kitchen essentials – Deborah Levy
Shoe splurge – Dalfin
South beach luxury Getaway – Joshua Katz
Mendys studio portrait session- Tovah Sacho
swagway – Eli Jaffa
Books for kids – S. Brody
Set your table- Dalfin
Beats – G. Menaker
Apple Ipod touch – Yael Kaplan
American girl doll – BK
Wash and set – Unique sales
Borsalino hat – Diana Caroll
8 piece luggage set – Unique sales
Miele vacuum – Mendel L.
Lego or playmobil – Esther H.
Day at the spa for 2 – Judy Neufueld
Gold gemstone earrings – Shoshana Libman
Magnetic Mania- Michoel Slater
The Gift garden – Rasha Wenger
Electric piano – Mordechai Feiner
Aventura home decor – Ahuva Druin
Food processor or ninja – Avraham Spivak
Carly Q creations – Yosef and Batel Hellinger
Talis and Tefillin Bag Set – AZR
Little Jewels – Esther Slater
Jem videos – Menachem Kozlovsky
Chai Wok – Mendy Sacho
Aperion grill – Boyd
Fuego & Acqua Trattoria – Jaqueline Maya
Lucky lotto – Jackpot
Le chocolatier – Levi Hadokov
Mystery prize – Toby Marlow